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The CAD-Viewer and Converter from 3D-Tool has useful tools to analyze 3D models without CAD knowledge. At the push of a button, 3D-Tool provides the dimensions, the surface area and the volume for all parts of a model. Distances, angles and radii can be measured with simple mouse clicks.

Functions overview

  • Easy-to-use measure tools

    3D CAD Viewer with easy-to-use measure tools

    Moving the cursor automatically highlights measurement references, so that multiple 3D dimensions can be created with simple mouse clicks.

  • Assembly explode

    Automatic and manual creation of exploded views

    To create exploded views, the parts of a 3D model can be exploded automatically in the X, Y, and Z direction, or moved and rotated manually into position.

  • Dynamic cross section

    Dynamic cross section alignment

    The section plane can be aligned parallel to surfaces and perpendicular to curves or can be placed and rotated freely. Parts of the 3D model can be excluded from the cross section.

  • Tooling analysis

    Tooling: Show drafts and undercuts in different colors

    For the evaluation of molded parts in tool making, drafts and undercuts are displayed in different colors. In order to estimate the clamping forces for molded parts the projected area is calculated.

  • Model compare

    Highlight the differences between two 3D CAD models

    By superimposing two plain-colored models special color effects help to locate differences between the models.

  • 2D DWG/DXF Viewer

    2D DWG and DXF Viewer with measure tools

    3D-Tool also opens DWG and DXF drawings. The 2D viewer features 2D measurement tools, redline markups, as well as tools to edit drawing elements.