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File Formats


The Basic, the Advanced, and the Premium version differ in the file formats that they support. The 3D-NativeCAD Converter is only included in the Premium version of 3D-Tool CAD viewer.

File Formats






3DXML, Version 4.0 - 4.3, with PMI display

Autodesk Inventor, 6 - 2023
(*.ipt off Inventor 6, *.iam off Inventor 11)

CATIA V6, V6R2013 - V6R2023, with PMI display
(*.CATPart, *.CATProduct, *.cgr)
CGR not supported by Converter

CATIA V6 drawing files, V6R2013 - V6R2023

CATIA V5, V5R8 - V5-6R2023, with PMI display
(*.CATPart, *.CATProduct, *.cgr, *.3dxml)
CGR not supported by Converter

CATIA V5 drawing files, V5R8 - V5-6R2023

CATIA V4, 4.1.9 - 4.2.4
(*.model, *.exp, *.session)

DWG - 3D, 2.5 - 2023

DXF - 3D, 2.5 - 2023

JT, 8 - 10.3, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 with PMI display off 10.2

Pro/Engineer, Creo,  16 - Creo 9.0, with PMI display
(*.prt, *.asm , *.xpr, *.xas)

Rhino, Version 2 - 7

SolidEdge, 18 - 2023
(*.par, *.psm, *.asm)

SolidWorks, 98 - 2023, with PMI display off 2014
(*.sldprt, *.sldasm)

SolidWorks drawing files, 2013 - 2023

UG/Siemens NX, 11 - 18, NX - NX 2212, with PMI display

IGES files (*.igs, *.iges)

SAT files (*.sat)

STEP files (*.stp, *.step, *.stpZ)

PARASOLID files  (*.x_t; *.x_b)

VDA files (*.vda)

3D-Tool files (*.ddd)

3D-Tool-EXE files (*.exe)

3DS files (*.3ds *prj *.pli)

3MF files (*.3mf)

ASC files (*.asc)

DWG files - 2D (*.dwg)

DXF files - 2D (*.dxf)

HPGL files (*.plt, *.plo, *.hpg)

OBJ files (*.obj)

Open-Inventor files (*.iv)

PLY files (*.ply)

Render files (*.slp)

STL files (*.stl)

VRML1, VRML2 files (*.wrl)

XGL files (*.xgl *.zgl)


The 3D-Tool Viewer works with graphic visualization data (MESH) and an export is only possible in visualization formats. The 3D-NativeCAD Converter only works with exact 3D CAD data (BREP) and enables their conversion. The 3D-NativeCAD converter can only be used with a Premium license.

File Formats






CATIA V5 files, V5R15 - V5-6R2023
(*.CATpart, *.CATproduct)

CATIA V4 files (*.model)

IGS files (*.igs)

SAT/SAB files, V7 - R2023 (*.sat,  *.sab)

STEP files (*.stp)

VDA files (*.vda)

X_T files, V12 - V35 (*.x_t)

3D-Tool EXE (*.exe), 3D/2D data incl. Viewer

3D-Tool files (*.ddd), 3D/2D data

3D-PDF files (*.pdf)

3D-Studio files (*.3ds)

OBJ files (*.obj)

PLY files (*.ply)

STL files (*.stl)

U3D files (*.u3d)

VRML 2.0 files (*.wrl)