intuitive & practical3D without CAD knowledge

affordable & universalmany 3D/2D - Interfaces

3D CAD Visualization
intuitive, efficient, and practical

3D models and CAD viewers improve development, assembly, work preparation and quality assurance

Intuitive Efficiency

3D-Tool does not require time-consuming training. Important tools are quickly accessible and work intuitively according to the "point and click" principle.

Even on more complex tasks, such as measuring surface areas and contours, one click is often enough.

Assemblies can be exploded manually by moving individual parts or you can explode complete assemblies automatically, simply by pressing a button.

Also, when coloring the model, you can individually color each part, or you assign different colors to all parts with one click.

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The 3D-Tool viewer provides dimensions, weight and center of mass for parts, assemblies and models

Universal Use

Not every team member needs a 3D-Tool license. The 3D-Tool Free Viewer supports viewing, measuring and analyzing native 3D-Tool models in all business areas.

  • Development and Planning
    For checking and coordinating designs with all parties involved, as well as for documenting development statuses.
  • Production Planning, Assembly, and Training
    As a replacement for printed manuals, instructions and 2D drawings.
  • Sales and Purchase
    For preparing quotations and obtaining offers.
  • Sales and Marketing
    For the presentation of complex technical products.

Intuitive, practical functions and extensive interfaces make 3D-Tool the universal visualization tool for your company.

With 3D-Tool you do not need an expensive CAD workstation to estimate production costs, e.g. in toolmakingFind out more...

3D viewer featuring professional measurement funtions including tooling and wall thickness analysis

Analysis and measurement of 3D models and 2D drawings

Use 3D-Tool Premium as a universal and flexible interface between your CAD program and the different format requirements of your customers and suppliersFind out more...

Convert CATIA, Siemens NX, SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Creo, AutoCAD, Inventor and Rhino - files

Data exchange between CAD programs

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