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JT file viewer

JT Assembly Variants

JT assemblies can be created in different variants:

  • monolithic creates a single file with all assemblies and parts.
  • per part (atomic) creates an assembly file and a folder of the same name with all parts as individual files.
  • shattered creates a file for each node, i.e. for each assembly, each subassembly, each part and each component.
  • PLMXML + JT creates an XML assembly file and an individual JT file for each part.
  • STEP + JT creates a STEP-AP242 assembly file and an individual JT file for each part.
  • same as NX (Siemens NX option) creates a corresponding JT-file for each Siemens NX PRT (assembly or part).

How Can I Convert a JT File?

If you do not have 3D or CAD software with a JT interface, the model must be exported from the original CAD system to a 3D format supported by your application.

Converting JT to STEP, JT to STL or to another 3D format is also possible with a 3D converter or CAD converter. However, only files that contain exact 3D geometries (BREPs) can be converted to STEP, IGES or other exact CAD formats. Files that only contain visualization data (MESH) can only be saved in visualization formats such as STL or VRML.

3D-Tool Premium contains the 3D‑NativeCAD Converter, which converts many 3D CAD formats including JT (BREPS) into common 3D exchange formats. The 3D-Tool Viewer converts JT models (BREP and MESH) in a number of MESH formats.

Test the JT Viewer and JT Converter

3D-Tool is a CAD viewer with interfaces for common native CAD formats and 3D exchange formats. 3D-Tool offers professional measurement functions, demolding analysis and wall thickness analysis.

  • Open and publish JT files for the 3D-Tool Free Viewer or as 3D-PDF
  • Open JT files and save as STL, 3DS, PLY, WRL, OBJ, or PLY
  • Convert exact JT data (BREP) to CATIA V5, IGES, VDA, SAT and X_T

Simply download the 3D-Tool, start it and request a trial key. Test for 14 days with all functions, all interfaces and the 3D-Native CAD-Converter. Open and convert JT, STEP, IGES, SAT, Parasolid and also CATIA, Siemens NX, Inventor, SolidWorks and other formats.

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