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Inventor Viewer
open IAM and IPT files

Inventor viewer for IAM and IPT

Additional Native Inventor File Formats

  • idw Native 2D drawing from Inventor, derived from IPT or IAM. Can only be opened in Inventor or Inventor View.
  • dwg Native 2D drawing from AutoCAD. Can be used in AutoCAD and Inventor due to the close relationship, however: A DWG created with Inventor can only be modified in Inventor. A DWG created with AutoCAD can only be modified with AutoCAD.
  • dxf The 2D format DXF was developed because the first AutoCAD versions under Windows, MacOS and Linux required different DWG data. The DXF format was later retained as it had proven itself for exchange with other CAD programs. However, a number of CAD functions are lost compared to DWG.

How Do I Convert Inventor IAM and IPT Files?

If you do not have CAD software with an Inventor interface, the design must be exported from Inventor to a common 3D exchange format, such as STEP.

Converting Inventor IAM and IPT to STEP is also possible with a 3D converter or CAD converter.

3D Tool Premium includes the 3D NativeCAD Converter. In addition to native Inventor models, this converts models from many common CAD systems into the 3D exchange formats STEP, IGES, SAT and Parasolid X_T supported by many CAD/CAM programs.

Test the Inventor Viewer and Inventor Converter

3D-Tool is a CAD viewer with many native CAD interfaces, including Inventor, and professional measuring functions, demolding analysis and wall thickness analysis.

  • IAM and IPT open and publish for the 3D-Tool Free Viewer or as 3D-PDF
  • Open IPT and IAM and save as STL, 3DS, PLY, WRL, OBJ, or PLY
  • IPT and IAM convert to STEP, IGES, VDA, SAT and X_T
  • Open, print or publish DWG for the 3D-Tool Free Viewer

Free and non-binding 14-day trial with all functions, the Inventor interfaces and the 3D-Native CAD Converter. The trial key activates all 3D interfaces, such as CATIA, Siemens NX, SolidWorks, Creo, STEP, SAT.

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