Supported File Formats

Import Limitations

Supported File Formats

The Basic, the Advanced, and the Premium version differ in the file formats that they support.
They all offer the same features for viewing and analyzing 3D models and 2D drawings.
The 3D-NativeCAD Converter is only included in the Premium version of 3D-Tool.



3D-Import file formats

CATIA V4, 4.1.9 - 4.2.4 (*.model, *.exp, *.session)






CATIA V5, V5R8 - V5R24 (*.CATPart, *.CATProduct)






CATIA V6, R2013 - R2014  (as *.CATPart, *.CATProduct)






Pro/Engineer, Creo,  16 - Creo 3.0 (*.prt, *.asm , *.xpr, *.xas)






Autodesk Inventor, 6 - 2015 (*.ipt), 11 - 2015 (*.iam)






SolidWorks, 98 - 2014 (*.sldasm, sldprt)






SolidEdge, 18 - ST7 (*.par, *.psm, *.asm)






UG/Siemens NX, 11 - 18, NX - NX 9 (*.prt)






STEP files (*.stp, *.step)






IGES files (*.igs, *.iges)






VDA files (*.vda)






SAT files (*.sat)






PARASOLID files, V10 - V27  (*.x_t; *.x_b)






STL files (*.stl)






VRML1, VRML2 files (*.wrl)






Render files (*.slp)






PLY files (*.ply)






XGL files (*.xgl *.zgl)






OBJ files (*.obj)






3DS files (*.3ds *prj *.pli)






ASC files (*.asc)






Inventor files (*.iv)






3D-Tool files (*.ddd)






3D-Tool-EXE files (*.exe)






2D-Import file formats

DXF files (*.dxf)






DWG files, up to AutoCAD 2015  (*.dwg)






HPGL files (*.plt, *.plo, *.hpg)






Output file formats

3D-Tool EXE (*.exe), 3D and 2D data incl. Viewer






3D-Tool files (*.ddd), 3D and 2D data






3D-PDF files (*.pdf) triangulated 3D models






CATIA V5 files, V5R15 - V5R24 (*.CATpart, *.CATproduct)






CATIA V4 files (*.model)






STEP files (*.stp), 3D-STEP models






IGS files (*.igs), 3D-IGES models






VDA files (*.vda), 3D-VDA models






SAT/SAB files, V7 - V25 (*.sat,  *.sab), 3D-SAT models






STL files (*.stl), triangulated 3D models






VRML 2.0 files (*.wrl), triangulated 3D models






PLY files (*.ply), triangulated 3D models






3D-Studio files (*.3ds), triangulated 3D models






U3D files (*.u3d), triangulated 3D models






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